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Power Electronics Prototyping Services

A platform powered by CMP
PEPROS (Power Electronics Prototyping Services) is a service platform launched by CMP (public and non-profit organization with more than 35 years of experience in providing access to advanced technologies) and is dedicated to the power electronics prototyping. PEPROS is a specialized and unique gateway for power electronics services making technically and economically possible the access to numerous power electronics services where users can find solutions and providers can find new leads building new research and industrial projects and partnerships.

A platform to facilitate the access to disruptive technologies
The objective of PEPROS is to facilitate the access and thus to accelerate the transfer and the use of disruptive technologies such as Smart Power ICs, advanced hybrid technologies dedicated to power conversion.

CMP is working with academics, research organizations, start-ups, industrials, R&D departments to bring together design & technical solutions and breakthroughs in order to offer services based on their know-how, experience and research work.

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Power electronics services
PEPROS provides different types of services for design solutions and hardware prototyping. Models, control & power blocks, simulation & design tools at component, converter and system level are accessible through PEPROS. Most of these IPs will be distributed to the users under licence agreement, free of charge depending on final use.

PEPROS offers also support and cost-effective access to advanced technologies and industrial processes for prototyping of components, converters, packaging, interconnects, casing etc.

Specific services from academics or industrials can be highlighted to give visibility to a design expertise, an important thesis, an innovative IP, a characterization facility, a process or a methodology or a specific/original tool.

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Typhoon HIL hands-on training

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Grenoble Institute of Engineering,
20 February 2020

PCIM exhibition

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Symposium de Génie Electrique

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Nantes, 30 June - 2 July 2020

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PCIM exhibition

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